CloudRail Use Case

On-Premise Solutions

While promoting the connectivity to a variety of cloud-platforms, the CloudRail Solution offers an integrated function to send messages to any MQTT broker or Webhook, regardless if its another cloud-service or an on-premise solution.
MQTT operates in a publish-subscribe approach, enabling the access to one sensor from multiple systems simultaneously. As the protocol is lightweight and message-oriented, MQTT is used in most IIOT-projects.
Reasons for the usage of local networks to acquire, process and analyse machinery data are for example the demand of high frequency, concerns about data sensitivity or the usage of existing infrastructure. Through a local MQTT-broker, production data is accessible for condition monitoring, data analysis and many other IOT-applications. Learn more about setting up a connection between your sensor and a custom MQTT-broker.

Alternatively CloudRail is capable of sending messages to a Webhook using a http callback.

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