About Us

At CloudRail, our mission is to build a bridge between the OT and IT. We enable our customers and partners to turn the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) from PowerPoint slides into reality. With CloudRail, industrial assets can be connected to cloud platforms within hours instead of weeks or months. We allow customers to prove value fast and grow with CloudRail to IIoT ecosystems with millions of secure installations. Enterprise clients from various industries like FMCG, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive or Industrial Equipment use CloudRail to turn their IIoT strategy into a success.
With a strong partner network, availability in 95 countries, and offices in Germany, India, and the US, CloudRail is a leader in managed OT to IT connectivity.

CloudRail was founded by Patrick Stoklasa and Felix Kollmar in 2018. In August 2023, CloudRail became part of the Belden Group.

CloudRail Headquarter | Mannheim, Germany