About Us

At CloudRail, our vision is to build a bridge between the OT and IT. We enable IT experts like Software Developers, IT Consultants or Data Scientists to create applications around the Industrial Internet of Things. CloudRail allows them to get data out of the shop floor without all the hassles of understanding legacy technologies of the OT. While most IIoT projects require multiple system integrators, causing high costs, CloudRail connects over 12.000 industrial sensors to any cloud in less than a minute, using a Plug&Play approach. CloudRail’s massive experience of building and selling technology into the software development industry (over 500 million installations), combined with deep domain knowledge of the OT, is unique on the market.
The CloudRail solution is used by multiple F500 companies as well as leading consulting firms and system integrators around the world.
Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, with offices in Pune, India and Detroit, Michigan, CloudRail is a leader in industrial edge connectivity.