One Powerful Connectivity Solution

CloudRail acquires all data from the shop-floor (OT) and provides it ready-to-use for your IIoT application (IT). Modern machines or factory management systems are connected via OPC-UA. In brownfield scenarios secondary sensors are used to retrofit old assets. Additionally Modbus allows the connection of, for example, energy meters. CloudRail is compatible with all major cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Google and many more.


Plug&Play support of over 12.000 industrial sensor models for IIoT retrofitting.
(ifm, Turck, Pepperl+Fuchs, Sick, …)


Connect any OPC-UA source like PLCs, SCADA Systems or middleware like PTC Kepware or Ignition.

Cloud Platforms

Connect to all leading cloud platforms or on-premise systems — even in parallel.

Central & Cloud-based Management and Enterprise Security

All CloudRail edge devices are controlled through the central and cloud-based CloudRail Device Management Cloud (CloudRail.DMC). Provision new devices, deploy Edge Functions, monitor the device status, install updates and many more. Browser based, accessible from everywhere in the world and secure. Security features like end-to-end encryption, TPMs, failover scenarios or multi-role user access fulfill all requirements of enterprise customers.

Enterprise Security

CloudRail fulfills Enterprise security and compliance requirements, even for industries like Aerospace & Defense or Pharma. The solution offers concepts like end-to-end encryption, TPM, failover scenarios, build-in firewalls or multi-role user access control.

Remote Firmware Updates

Remote firmware updates provide new features, security patches and long-term compatibility. No matter if you manage one or thousands of CloudRail enabled devices — this keeps your installations secure and reliable.


A public API allows programmatic access to the features of the CloudRail.DMC. This is especially useful for large-scale and automated roll-out processes or a deep integration into existing systems.

Plug&Play Device Provisioning & Data Normalization

CloudRail makes IIoT data acquisition simple and scalable. The system automatically provisions new devices to the target cloud platform, provides the necessary semantic information and normalizes data. Connect a machine within minutes and manage large scale and multi site roll-outs based on the same platform.

Automated Device Provisioning

The CloudRail Device Management Cloud can automatically provision new devices on your cloud platform (like AWS, Azure, etc.). It uses APIs to add new devices, configures them according to your settings and retrieves credentials / certificates to initiate the connection on your CloudRail device. This allows you to rapidly setup new IIoT installations or automatically provision devices on a large scale using templates or powerful APIs.

Remote Multi-Site Roll-Outs

All CloudRail hardware and connected sensors are Plug&Play. This means that no trained IIoT experts need to be on site. Installation can be done by maintenance teams, while a centralized IT team manages device provisioning and configuration. This makes multi sites roll-outs simple and scalable — even across continents.

Smart Data Normalization

The CloudRail automatically translates complex data coming from industrial sensors into well structured JSON objects. Besides the actual process value, this includes meta data like type, unit or min/max values. This data is normalized into a semantic model, which is automatically translated into any model defined by either the cloud platform or customer. Thanks to a database of over 12.000 industrial sensors, all this happens automatically.

Edge Computing

The CloudRail supports powerful Edge Computing to run logic locally. This could be used for example to filter data before uploading it to the cloud or even to run trained machine learning algorithms locally. On the CloudRail.Box, a powerful 4 core CPU and real time extensions ensure a high performance.

AWS IoT Greengrass

Deploy an AWS IoT Greengrass Runtime directly on the CloudRail.Box with just one click.

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge

Deploy a Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Runtime directly on the CloudRail.Box with just one click.

CloudRail Edge Functions

CloudRail Edge Functions, a native and cloud provider agnostic JavaScript runtime, entirely managed through the CloudRail.DMC.

Multiple Edge Gateway Options

Besides the CloudRail.Box edge gateway, CloudRail is also available as a Docker container. Use CloudRail on any type of Edge hardware or in your data-center.


CloudRail’s own edge gateway providing a complete end-to-end connectivity solution.

CloudRail.Box Max

A more powerful CloudRail.Box dedicated for advanced Edge Computing cases or more data sources.


The full CloudRail experience on any edge hardware or in your data-center.