Why CloudRail?

Create Better Apps in Less Time


API Integrations Have Never Been Easier

  • Simple APIs: APIs like you want them to be. Simple, easy to understand yet powerful.
  • Perfect Docs: Get started with our APIs in no time thanks to perfect documentation every developer loves.
  • Cross Platform: Our SDKs are available for multiple platforms and work almost the same.

Unified APIs

  • Exactly the Same API: Integrate similar providers via the same API. Why should for example upload() work differently for Dropbox and Google Drive?
  • No Vendor Lock-In: Switch integrated providers with just one line of code.
  • Entire Categories: Integrate all social log-in or cloud providers in less time than you would need for just one.

API Change Management

  • No More Changing APIs: Providers change their APIs regularly. We do the hard work for you and keep the API towards your app consistent.
  • Happy Customers: No more breaking functionality because of deprecated APIs. Your integrations are just working.
  • Relax: We monitor all your integrations and notify you about any changes.

It’s Secure

  • No SPOF: CloudRail is not an additional Single Point of Failure. None of your data passes a CloudRail server. Even if we go down, your integrations still work.
  • Data Privacy: We do not touch your data. Everything flows directly between you and the API provider.
  • Best Performance: CloudRail has virtually no impact on performance. Everything runs as smoothly as you know it from manual integrations.