Compatible Sensors

IO-Link Sensors (recommended)

Digital Inputs

Digital Outputs

Analog Sensors (with IO-Link Adaptor)

Modbus RTU

VSE Vibration Units

The CloudRail.Box works Plug&Play with all IO-Link sensors or actuators (over 12,000 sensor models). Digital or analog (via IO-Link adaptor) sensors work as well, but offer less data and not the seamless user experience as IO-Link sensors. IO-Link sensors are for example available from vendors like IFM, Pepperl+Fuchs, Turck, Sick, Contrinex, Balluff and many more. Here are some examples for available sensors:

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors allow you to reliably measure the temperature in a wide range of applications. You can get them in various sizes and different technologies (contact or contactless).

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors use a light or laser beam to measure the position, distance, shape or even color of an object. They are great for positioning or detection (like counting specific objects) use cases.

Vibration Sensors

Vibration Sensors measure the vibration of, for example, a machine. These sensors are perfect for predictive maintenance setups since a changed vibration pattern is often the first hint of a problem. CloudRail supports either IO-Link vibration sensors of the IFM VSE unit.

RFID Reader / Writer

RFID Readers or Writers allow you to read or write information of RFID tags which can be mounted on anything. It’s great to track and locate products or goods. For example once a package passes an RFID Reader, you’ll get it’s unique ID right into the cloud.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors measure the position or distance of solid, liquid or powder material. They are perfect to measure fill levels, heights and sag without making contact or count and monitor the presence of objects.

Inductive Sensors

Inductive Sensors measure the presence of metallic objects. They are cost efficient and very reliable. The classic sensor of every automation use case.

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Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors measure pressures of gaseous and fluid media. In many cases pressure is one of the key metrics to monitor. Also pressure peaks are often a reason for big damage within the machine or produced product.

Light Indicators / HMI

Light Indicators or Tower Lights are the key interface between machines and humans. There are hundreds of use cases which require to signal a status change from the cloud to the shop floor.

Buttons / HMI

Buttons are of course just very simple “sensors” but with many use cases. They allow you to trigger actions in the cloud with a simple and quick press of a button. Many customers use it for example to order new material.

Flow Sensors

Flow Sensors measure the flow of process media, like lubricant or cooling water. They play a key role in many predictive maintenance use cases, since issues within, for example, a cooling system can cause huge damage.

Inclination Sensors

Inclination Sensors measure the deviation to a horizontal or vertical axis up to 360°. Rotational movements are often found for example in robotics.

Analog to IO-Link

CloudRail supports any IO-Link or Digital (1/0) sensor out of the box. Many brownfield application still use analog sensors though. With the use of an Analog to IO-Link Adaptor, you can even use them with CloudRail.

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