Wireless / Cellular Connectivity

CloudRail Use Case

Using Wireless or Cellular (4G, LTE, 5G) Connectivity

The CloudRail.Box Max optionally support cellular 4G connectivity.

The standard CloudRail.Box requires an active internet connection through a wired ethernet connection (RJ45-port). The fact that there is no WiFi- or 4G / 5G-module on board does not mean that you have to go without these features. By simply installing an industrial router just next to our edge device and connect it via an ethernet cable enables you to operate in enviroments where no wired network connection is provided. Using an external router gives you the flexibility to easily adapt to new standards like for example 5G without replacing the actual edge gateway.

Use-cases: off-grid systems, oil & gas, mobile equipment, airports and railway stations.

For setting up the wireless connection you can use any industrial router that suits your needs. Many of our customers we use Teltonika routers like the RUT240 with 4G- and WiFi-connection options.

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