Is CloudRail really for free? How do you make money?

CloudRail offers a free plan which includes the Cloud Storage Light and Social interfaces. For additional requirements, several paid plans are available. All plans can be tested for free.

How much overhead does CloudRail produce?

None! The good thing about CloudRail is that application data doesn’t pass our servers. So we don’t add any time on the actual packet runtime. Of course the SDK needs time to execute and send a request, but this heavily depends on the integrated service and the device the app is running on. It shouldn’t be slower than with the original SDK from an API provider.

What are your SLAs / Uptime?

For applications powered with CloudRail, you don’t have to worry about this at all! Once you’ve configured and integrated the CloudRail SDK, no data passes through the CloudRail servers. That means as long as your App and the service you are connecting to are running, CloudRail could be completely down without impacting your integration.

If you need special guarantees, check out our enterprise offers.

What happens if a service is missing?

Shoot an email to support@cloudrail.com and we’ll do our best to make is available ASAP.

What happens if an API changes?

You just need to update the version of your CloudRail library. The interface towards your code doesn’t change. We can even notify you when this is required.

I’m a service provider, how do I make my API accessible via CloudRail?

Just email support@cloudrail.com

Under which license is CloudRail?
It is a proprietary license but we have a free plan. You can find the Terms & Conditions here.

What is your privacy policy? How secure is my data?
It’s easy: we never touch the data. Everything between your app and the integrated services is transferred directly and does not pass a CloudRail server. For our website’s privacy policy, please see Privacy Policy.

Isn’t CloudRail adding a SPOF?
No. Data never passes our servers and thus even if CloudRail would be down, your integrations are still running. There could of course be a bug in the SDK but you can test the integrations upfront and we do our very best to avoid that.

Is CloudRail working in an offline environment?
Yes. Most of the services you connect to via CloudRail will require an internet connection though.

Can I use CloudRail on the Unity Platform?
Yes, please check this blog post.

Any other questions, reach us anytime at support@cloudrail.com