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About Kramer&Crew

New tasks, growing complexity, greater responsibility – the digitalization confronts us with enormous challenges. As Kramer & Crew, founded in 1992 by Uwe Kramer, we are known as the IT director of digital transformation and our mission is to guide clients personally and closely though the cloudy challenges on their way into the future – in 10 offices in Germany and Europe.
Modern cloud strategies and the next generation DataCenters are our key competences beside ISMS and Cyber Security. Our newest breed are the Business Services that manage Business Intelligence and enable customers quick and useful IoT-Solutions.
Our crew combines market leading technologies with excellent service which is characterized by commitment, personality and care. To main all operations this high level of service and quality we consciously develop, train and encourage our employees, the crew, in our CrewAcademy. This attitude is also reflected in our CrewSpirit which inhabits the values of fairness, open communication, reliability, quality and dedication. The mix of CrewSpirit and CrewService is the secret ingredient that keeps the crew growing steady and naturally for years.

Reference Customers

  • Bartels-Langness
  • Birkenstock
  • IHK Köln
  • MCM Klosterfrau
  • Papstar
  • RENA Technologies
  • Stabilus

Why CloudRail?

Before we have tried out CloudRail, dealing with gateways was badly time consuming. No other solution provided us such mature features like Remote Updates and Administration, or Auto-Device-Detection, combined with State-of-the-Art security features. Our customers love the CloudRailBox, because it gives them the opportunity to focus in the important thing. Summend up, CloudRails approach is the same as ours, namely to make IoT as simple as possible.

Product/ Offering

IIoT as Plug- & Play-Solution
Together with the CloudRail.Box and Azure IoT Central we connect a selected machine of your choice to the cloud, in just only one week. From day one, you benefit from dashboards, alerts and a comprehensive remote management from the cloud. As it is a Software-as-a-Service application, there is no need to deal with Compute, Storage or Security – everything is built-in.

Building your personal IoT Journey with CloudRail and Azure
You need a more specific solution? No problem at all! Our Azure Architects develop your personal solution aligend for your business. Whether Azure, SAP or Office365, we bring you in touch with the right experts.


  • Comprehensive end-to-end Solution
  • Rapid Deployment, possible in less then two days
  • Easy integration in other systems, like SAP, Dynamics 365, Office365 or Salesforce
  • Improvements in business processes through the visualization of new gathered data
  • Very low initial costs due to Pay-as-You-Go


Daniel Obermann
+49 221 954243-73