Cloud Storage API

Integrate services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Egnyte & OneDrive for Business via a single API.


Objective-C Uses CloudRail by Kerio uses the CloudRail Cloud Storage Interface to let their customers access the preferred cloud storage provider directly out of the app. This allows users to move files over and instantly collaborate on them without any migration. CloudRail was the best and fastest way to do the integrations and keeps everything running even if a provider changes their API.

Core Features

Download Files

Upload Files

Get Metadata of files and folders

Share Files

Perform all standard operations (copy, move, etc.) with files and folders

Use any other API feature with our Advanced Request

Available Providers

Dropbox (v2)

Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive



OneDrive for Business

About the Cloud Storage API

The CloudRail Cloud Storage API lets you integrate multiple cloud storage providers via a single, unified interface. So e.g. the function upload() works exactly the same for Dropbox as it does for Google Drive. Moreover CloudRail simplifies the OAuth process significantly. Integrate a provider of your choice or the whole category in almost no time. CloudRail supports file up- and download as well as almost all operations on files and folders. The share functionality gives your users the ability to share files via the API.

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