About CloudRail

– our mission is to connect everything –

The Internet of Everything has the potential to change the world. We give it the power to do so.

Companies need to integrate more and more services from the Internet of Everything into their applications. This is time consuming, making it impossible for them to keep up. We solve the problem by providing developers with one API. Our technology is a major milestone in the evolution of the Internet of Everything and makes the dream of a connected world come true.


  • Felix Kollmar
    Felix Kollmar Co-Founder & CEO

    Felix is one of the co-founders and CEO of CloudRail. Previously he founded several other startups and worked for Deutsche Telekom in R&D. He studied telecommunication engineering in Mannheim, Germany.

  • Matt Bolton
    Matt Bolton Biz Dev & Strategy

    Matt is a serial entrepreneur, originally from San Francisco, CA. With his strong experience from several successful startups and VCs, he works in Biz Dev and on the business strategy of CloudRail.

  • Florian Wendel
    Florian Wendel CTO

    Florian is the CTO of CloudRail and a leading industry speaker about the API economy. As one of the principal developers of the CloudRail SDKs he has dealt with countless APIs and understands how taxing it is to integrate and maintain API integrations with so many different formats and standards out there.

  • Patrick Stoklasa
    Patrick Stoklasa Development

    Patrick is a software engineer and mainly responsible for the Android SDK. He studied computer science in Karlsruhe at KIT and is CloudRail’s SCRUM guru.

  • Felipe Cesar
    Felipe Cesar Development

    Felipe is a software engineer at CloudRail. Originally from Brazil, he is now responsible for the CloudRail iOS SDK.

  • David Amann
    David Amann Advisor & Development

    David is the scientific advisor of CloudRail. He holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and has broad development experience from previous startups. David regularly contributes to the CloudRail technology.

  • Michael Diehl
    Michael Diehl Advisor

    Michael is a Business Angel who supports the CloudRail team on strategy and go to market based on his strong experience in launching and scaling new businesses as General Manager and VP of an international IT Company.

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